Advantages of Electropathy Remedies These remedies are all extracted from plants, having energetic properties. They produce energy in the body; its action is gentle and sometimes instantaneous, but more generally gradual of such a nature that the results can only be perceived after some minutes. They correct the deficiency or excess to natural proportions and recover the disease speedily, gently, completely and permanently. They do not simply cure the particular disease for which they are prescribed, but at the same time good to the constitution of the patients who uses them. The true remedy gives the extra something, which the body needs. They are non-poisonous and do not create drug disease or leave any bad effects on the body It is not extremely facilitated and simplified in this way, in the most complicated illness as well, but also it is more economical of what is so important in the present period of necessity. It is especially adapted for universal use as household remedies. No mother dread her child’s life has been endangered because she has taken some of the medicines in error, nor need she ever be haunted by the fear, so often experienced by those who give bromides and other hurtful drugs that may turn out to be worse than the disease. Electro-Homoeopathy Makes Its Way By Itself