comments on electropathy

Comments by the Great Physicians
The most perfect system of medicine is one that is Electro-Homoeopathy, because these are non poisonous and do not create drug disease or leaves any bad effects, so it is the true remedy which always gives the extra something which the body needs.

A.J.L. Gliddon


Electro-Homoeopathy is perfected system of medicine, by the discovery of new therapeutic agents (which I call electroids) acting on the blood and giving to the organism the power necessary to cast off the morbid element which injure it.

R.M. Theobald
The magical and marvelous operation of these remedies is a perpetual surprise even to those who have long used them. The simplicity of their administration brings the healing art within reach of all that care to devote to it a moderate amount of thought, study and observation.
Thedor Krauss
An account of matteis marvelous medicines having some valuable results and some fruits of my own experience.
E. Acworth
The new materia medica, tried now in many localities of the north, south and west of Europe, always produce the same effects and every where gains new adherents. A certain numbers of physicians, struck by these results, have decided to give it a trial, and the action of these specifics is always certain, we may rest assured that in time without any other recommendation then there admirable efficacy matteis remedies will over come all opposition and obtain the favour which they merit.
S Berard
The action of the Electro Homoeopathy Medicine Febrifugo, I succeeded in a very short time in subduing the most obstinate fevers which no means have previously conquering.
Prof. Pascucci
I have always had the best results from the use of Count Mattei's remedies.
Dr S. Kennedy