complementry medicine


About Complementary Medicine


What is Complementary Medicine?

Complementary Medicine (CM) includes many different techniques of treating a patient.  These are based on systems practised thousands of years ago and can in fact be considered to be of the original forms of medicine.  They all have one aspect in common which is that they treat the patient as a whole person rather than treating a specific symptom or symptoms. It does this by treating the life force of the patient at their physical, mental and emotional levels. Some people used to refer to Complementary Medicine as "Fringe" or "Alternative" because they consider it to be alternative to the "Allopathic Medicine" that is practised by the General Medical Practitioners (G.P's). But Complementary Medicine complements the needs of the patient and is a more accurate description as this term   describes the methods of healing that treat the complete or whole person. Hence "Complementary Medicine" is the most appropriate title.


Complementary Medicine as a Career


The following information provides a background to the principles, scope and delivery of Complementary Medicine, which is offered through many different disciplines and techniques.  The career opportunities within Complementary Medicine and the potential for employment for qualified practitioners have never been more positive. However, it is important to appreciate that a qualification to practise relies on registration and professional indemnity insurance and not solely on the completion of a course.


Standards of education and training are being developed in Great Britain.      Traditional university and college courses are increasing in number together with the more recent introduction of National Occupational Standards


ICM Mission Statement

The Institute for Complementary Medicine is a focal point of learning and healing for those concerned with the future of humanity, the future of health, care and the way in which people are educated in   personal development.


It is a meeting place for those wishing to encourage the unfolding awareness in education, training and research into all forms of Complementary Medicine, thus giving a deeper understanding of the philosophies of life and living.



ICM Policy Statement

The ICM has been created as an enabling Charity whose aims are to offer to the public an informed choice of safe Complementary Medicine, which is practised by professional practitioners trained to a high level of competence.


The ICM is seeks the recognition of Complementary Medicine as a unified profession where all work within a common ethos, which treats the physical, mental, emotional, vital force and spiritual energy levels of consciousness. It is the vital force and spiritual energy, which are the added value of the profession.


All the disciplines and techniques within Complementary Medicine aim to   restore the communion between all levels of consciousness of the body. The loss of vital force and spiritual energy cause ‘imbalances’ which traditional   philosophy sees as the major cause of disease.



The ICM accepts that the philosophy of allopathic medicine is one of a     symptomatic treatment while the philosophy of Complementary Medicine is the treatment of the whole person designed to eliminate the cause so that the body itself can then effect a lasting cure.


The ICM is working to establish Complementary Medicine as a distinctive form of medical care under a single statutory body responsible for standards and regulation.


The Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICM) is a registered charity that was formed in 1982 to provide the public with information on Complementary Medicine. As part of that programme, it has initiated a research project to     develop ways to control, regulate and research all the different disciplines and techniques in ways that protect the qualified practitioners and ensure safety of the general public.