electro-homeopathy medicine


Electro-Homoeopathic Medicines


  • There are only 114 plants are used to make the total 60 remedies.
  • These plants are divided into Nine Combinations Groups.
  • Nineth Group are further CLASSIFIED under Five Heads.


9 Groups of the medicines




  1. Angioiticos remedies, which act on the blood vessels the arteries and the veins, and the circulatory system.


  1. Canceroso remedies, act on cellular construction and the chronic degeneration of Lymph.


  1. Febrifugo remedies, act on the fevers and all types of intermittent diseases, as well as disorders of the spleen and liver.


  1. Vermifugo remedies act on the intestines, but also on the other parts of our organism, and then also destroy all worms.


  1. Linfatico remedies act on both systems of lymph, and blood especially the white corpuscles.


  1. Pettorale remedies, act on the respiratory system and bronchial tubes.


  1. Venereo remedies have a general constitutional effect.


  1. Scrofoloso remedies, act on the scrofulous disorders and the metabolism.





English Name German Name Initial TOTAL
Angioiticos Adermittel A 3
Canceroso Gewebemittel C 17
Febrifugos Fieber - und Nervemittel F 2
Linfatico Lymphmittel L 2
Pectoral Brusmittel P 9
Scrofoloso Stoffwechselmittel S 12
Vermifugo Darmmittel Ver 2
Venerios Konstitutionsmittel Ven 5
Slass   Slass 1
Synthesis   SY 1
Electrals Fluide    
Blue Electral Capsella BE 1
Green Electral Populus GE 1
Red Electral Rhododendern RE 1
Yellow Electral Sambucus YE 1
White Electral Viscum album WE 1
Aqua Perlla Perli   APP 1






  1. Red Electral -  is an arterial and nerve stimulant.  This  increases the vitality of the body.


  1. Blue Electral - has tonic effects on the circulatory system, when used in a diluted forms it calms the organs which is over stimulanted.


  1. Green Electral - promotes venous system and helps with chronic diseases and arthritic conditions.


  1. Yellow Electral - relaxes muscular or nervous tension, diminishing organic function and excitement.


  1. White Electral - exerts a gentle, calming influence over the nervous system.


Slass -  is uses as laxative


Synthesis - is use a tonic suited for a state of general degeneration of the humours and tissues, as wekll as after treatment of serious illness.     


     Aqua Perlla Perli – is a skin water for keeps the skin fresh & smooth    


These fluids maybe employed, according to disease, pure or diluted, internally or externally


Quite similar is the effect of the ointments, likewise denominated after plants, to which regular; besides other remedies the fluid corresponding to their name is added. There is, for instance, an Ointment, Blue Ointment a green ointment and so one. The fluids as well as the Ointments represent a very valuable part of remedies, and, being employed in the right way, have often lead to immediate success.